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Podcasts and TV are in love

Loved the TV show? Listen to the podcast. Loved the podcast? Now watch the TV show. Podcasts and TV are inextricably linked, as backed up by the latest research from Hub Entertainment Research, which looked at how audio and visual media interact. The main findings are that:

  • Half of podcast listeners would be more interested in a new TV series/movie if based on a podcast they listen to.
  • Half of podcast listeners also say they have discovered a new TV series/movie via a podcast.
  • 9 in 10 listeners of podcasts associated with a current TV series say it helps maintain their interest between seasons

Companion podcasts have always been huge in the US, but there are relatively few official podcasts launched alongside new TV shows in the UK which has always surprised me a little. US shows have so many episodes and such large marketing budgets attached to them that a podcast is a logical part of that plan, whereas it’s hard to get that kind of money away alongside a four part drama over here. But adding content while the viewer is still thinking through a show is a creative and logical way to capture the passion they have for the series.

In the other direction, there have of course been a few successes - The Chris and Rosie Ramsey Show went straight from podcast to BBC One on Friday nights - and Global’s Filthy Ritual has just had its rights bought up by ITV studios. Transferring to TV is a major motivation for many production companies to create long form storytelling.

More than anything, audio and podcasting are no longer separate media to visual shows. They’re two sides of the same content coin. The integration of podcasting into Youtube, and the growing assumption that podcast production involves video clips are testament to this. A great story is a great story, and if you can hold people’s attention with it on screen, you can sure as hell back that up with wonderful creative content in their headphones. And vice versa