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What are the most popular podcasts in the UK right now?

Top 25 UK Podcasts

Edison Research have released their latest Podcast metrics for the UK covering Q3 of 2023. The survey interviews over 2,000 people to gather their weekly podcast listening and, after all that, has depressingly concluded that Joe Rogan is the UK’s most listened to show.

Right, I’m off. Please can the last person out set fire to the place.

At least it’s nice to have an overall view. The nature of a show like Rogan’s, as a Spotify exclusive, is that it doesn’t show up on the Apple charts so can go unnoticed/ignored by many. The Apple charts are also based on a mysterious algorithm rather than week to week listening figures, so can also sometimes forget big shows that have steady loyal audiences.

It’s an eclectic mix of shows, including comedy, news, history and interviews, with many of the top podcasts being largely the ones you’d expect – Off Menu, News Agents, Shagged Married Annoyed etc – along with shows like ‘The Fellas’ which are … ummm… not for people like me.

Right, I’m off. Please can the last person out set fire to the place.

The Podcast Advertising Summit – With 20% OFF!

As part of our long running partnership with Campaign Magazine, Fresh Air is a proud sponsor of the Podcast Advertising Summit, which takes place at The Barbican on Thursday January 25th. It’s a whole day exploration of why podcasts are now a powerful and increasingly exciting part of the marketing mix. The star turn is a session with Goalhangers’s ‘The Rest Is’ crew - Gary Lineker, Steph McGovern and Marina Hyde (the best writer in the country IMO), but the summit will be filled with major brand leaders both in marketing and the audio world discussing the fast growing podcast advertising space.

And whaddayaknow, you’ll even see the Fresh Air gang.

Our wonderful client Millie Hyde-Smith from Legal and General is appearing on a ‘Branded Podcasts 101’ panel alongside Shaaf Tauqeer of Easyjet. And at 10.30am we’re presenting a showcase of ‘Burger Files’: the comedy true crime series we created for Wendy’s with our friends at VML. Michaela – Director of Content and Fierce Woman – and I will be joined by Joe Miller – VML’s Strategy Director, Leanne Parker – Head of International Marketing for Wendy’s - and superstar comedy writer Joel Morris.

Anyway – get your tickets now and use our special code to get 20% off the cost. Just Register via this link and enter the SPNRFAIS1429 into the promotional code at the checkout page to obtain this discount. We really look forward to seeing you there.