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Stopping To Notice

Fresh Air

“A woman walking towards me has just suddenly touched her chest… as if remembering that she’s here. It could have been anything, but it felt like that.”

The small details in life can pass you by. Unless you take the time to stop to notice them.

Which is exactly what author, actor and social media personality Miranda Keeling does in this new series.

Expanding on the observations she shares on her popular Twitter account, she invites you to join her out and about as she captures those small, magical moments of everyday life, in sound.

Thanks to binaural recordings, you’ll hear everything she does as if you were right there with her. Just make sure that you’re wearing headphones for the very best experience.

There are new episodes every Tuesday and Thursday. These short but lovingly crafted episodes are an invitation to escape from life’s hustle, immersing you in Miranda’s world for a few minutes.

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Miranda Keeling can be found on Twitter @MirandaKeeling.

Her book, The Year I Stopped To Notice, is available now:

The podcast was produced by Oli Seymour for Fresh Air Production.

The artwork is designed by Kim Elson and Gemma Rhead.

The executive producers are Neil Cowling and Michaela Hallam.

When we started making this podcast, we knew we wanted to involve the wonderful community around Miranda. The artwork was designed by her followers – and as well as the beautiful version we chose by Kim Elson, there were other excellent ones shortlisted which we’ve included below. The artwork from left to right is by: Kylie-Ann Homer, Thalamus Plank, Trev Ubdegrove, Rob Doyle, Rachel Gladwin, Tilly Marples, Sandrine Grillon, David Sutton and Chloe Laura Creates.