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Financial services. We all need them. So why does the mere mention of finance turn so many people off? What’s it gonna take to turn people on?

Comedian Olga Koch asks the questions everyone is too afraid to ask, in a series of bold and frank conversations about what’s right - and wrong - with financial services today.

Does finance have to be so predictable and blue? Can we rip apart the financial jargon to get behind something everyone actually understands? How well does the industry understand what customers want? And the ultimate question; how can financial services build businesses that people truly love?

On each episode, outspoken experts share their upfront views on how the industry can solve some of its biggest challenges and move ahead. So, if you work in financial services, you need to listen up.

Upfront is a 10 part series brought to you by Iress, the tech crew making it easier to love financial services. A new episode releases every 2 weeks.

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